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R W Green Limited has a team of experienced tree surgeons and landscapers, and have been established since 1982.

At R W Green Limited we are pleased to be able to extend our portfolio of services to include air spading.


Our Air-Spade Series 2000 is a compressed air powered tool used for excavation in a wide range of soils.


Powered by a portable air compressor the air spade provides a safe and efficient method of uncovering roots and underground services without causing any damage. Capable of excavation where a spade or mechanical excavator cannot be used the air spade can be equipped with a range of nozzle sizes and a variety of extension lengths for optimum job performance.


The air spade produces a focused jet of air at an impressive 1200 mph, or nearly twice the speed of sound!



















The air jet penetrates the voids in the soil and expands them rapidly fracturing the soil structure. Excavating with an air spade is faster and safer than hand or mechanical excavation as there is no cutting edge involved. This means that the air jet is harmless to non-porous objects such as tree roots and buried pipes and cables.


The air spade is a useful tool in arboriculture as it enables us to excavate near trees with no risk of damage to the roots. This has many uses including:

•Trench excavation for utility services

•Excavation for root pruning

•Excavation for root surveying and assessment

•Soil de-compaction and cultivation

•Excavation for root and stump removal



Air Spade

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